This school is a branch of the Azuma School of Dance whose headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.

History of the Azuma School in Japan - The Azuma School of Dance was founded during the mid-Edo period by Azuma Tozo.  There was a revival of the style headed by 15th generation Ichimura Uzaemon, a Kabuki actor originally from the Fujima school, who became Shodai Soke (Founding Grand Master).  Harue Azuma, daughter of Ichimura Uzaemon XV and Masaya Fujima, was named the fourth-generation Iemoto (Head Master) in 1933.  In 1942, she took the name Tokuho Azuma and succeeded her father as the second-generation Soke (Grand Master).  Her granddaughter, Madame Tokuya Azuma became the sixth-generation Iemoto in 1978.  Tokuho Azuma passed away in April 1998 at age 89.  The school crest is a tachibana (mandarin orange blossom) and the school motto is "Yaku Doo San Mai".

The Azuma School in the United States - Madame Sumako Azuma I was born in Japan and trained in Japan under the Soke (Grand Master) of the Azuma School, Tokuho Azuma.  After receiving her natori (master) and shihan (instructor's credential) degrees, she moved to Los Angeles and began teaching classes in 1969.  In 1973, three of her students were awarded the degree of natori, or master degree.  In 1975, Madame Sumako Azuma died unexpectedly, and her daughter, Harusuma Azuma (who later took the name Sumako II) took over the teaching duties.  

Madame Sumako Azuma II, who is also a direct student of the Soke (Grand Master) Tokuho Azuma, received her shihan degree in 1977 and her senmombu (specialty shihan) in 1998.  She is the head instructor of the Azuma School in the United States and currently teaches classes in the mid-town Los Angeles area.  Kikusue Azuma studied under Sumako Azuma II and received her natori degree in 1984 and her shihan degree in 1998.  She currently teaches classes in the Ventura County area.